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Water resistant dielectric grease
Product name : Water resistant dielectric grease
Product No. : WLG14
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10g water resistant dielectric grease for electrical connectors

Dielectric Grease

Main Application:

Used in places with high voltage including high voltage electrical connector, cable connector, switch accessories, battery connector, electrical connection components to prevent creepage and function as insulation, lubrication and waterproof sealing.

Used for protection, sealing and lubrication between plastics and plastics, plastics and metals, metals and metals.

Applicable temperature range: : -55 to +260.


Product feature:

1. Completely synthesis base oil with thick and uniform oil layer, excellent in sealing and lubrication.

2. Wide temperature range and low volatility ensures a longer shelf time.

3. Great Dielectric Strength and anti-Creepage ability effectively prevents the machines from being damaged by high voltage electrical breakdown.

4. Excellent thermal stability and colloidal stability

  Extremely low evaporation loss.

5. Great adaptability, Resistant to most organic solvents and strong acid base.

6. An extraordinary anti-corrosive and anti-rust property, providing excellent protection for metal material.

7. Non-toxic, odorless, environmental-friendly.

   Good compatibility with materials like plastics and rubbers.


Different packing material & capacity :

 Plastic sachets, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum sachets, aluminum cans


Different sizes for sales packages:

Small packs for 0.2g, 1g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 30g, 75g,100g…

Large pack: 500grams, 1kg, 5kgs,15kgs….

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