White lithium grease


White lithium grease

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White Multi-Purpose Lithium Grease

1. Less torque when machine starting or running
2.Excellent in lubrication, easy to form an oil film, effectively reducing the damage to  running components
3. Strong resistance to Oxidation and longer service life
4. Compatible with most plastic materials

1.Lubrication and protection for contacts between plastic and plastic or betw-een plastic and metal
2.Lubrication and protection for plastic gears for household appliances, electric toys, office equipment, 
 sports equipment and other products 
working under light load
  Temperature Range: -20 to 120 

Different packing material & capacity :

 Plastic sachets, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum sachets, aluminum cans

Different sizes for sales packages:

Small packs for 0.2g, 1g, 3g, 5g, 10g, 30g, 75g,100g…

Large pack: 500grams, 1kg, 5kgs,15kgs…. 


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