How To Choose Grease?

How To Choose Grease?

WBG, with 15 years experience in research and production of lubricant grease, has investigated thousands of cases of improper selection and use of lubricant grease and brings forward different solutions for customers who have little knowledge in choosing the correct grease.

1. Choosing the right lubrication method based on actual working conditions: regular lubrication & permanent lubrication.

2. Choosing the right grease based on its shelf life, working environment, applicable materials, working temperature, work load, rotating speed, food grade and other specifications.

3. The best way to determine a lubricating grease is to do a professional instrument test to test whether the performance is up to standard.

4. Improper selection of lubricating grease will lead to terrible consequences. For example, one food factory is fined for not using food grade lubricant on their food processing equipment. What’s worse, the wrong lubricant pollutes the processing equipment and indirectly transmitted to food and human body through the production line, causing harm to human body. Therefore, for lubricating parts in contact with food, we must use professional food-grade lubricating grease.

If you do not know how to choose lubricating grease, you can consult WBG for professional advice, we have engineers to help. The improper use of lubricating grease on incompatible parts will cause the part to expand or harden. If it mixed with other incompatible oils, the grease will lose effect , which affects the product shelf life and also company reputation.

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