Single dose lubricant grease with logo printing


Single dose lubricant grease with logo printing

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Single dose lubricant grease with logo printing


WBG offers small packets and customized private-label packaging service for lubricants. For clients in automotive, water system,recreational and sports equipment, computer and electronic industries.

Main Features: 

Lubricate; insulating; water proof; sound muffling; noise reduction; anti wear; anti seize; dielectric ;  electric conduction; Protected and more.

Flexible Packaging Options

Different Packing  material:

plastic sachets, plastic tubes, aluminum tubes, aluminum sachets, aluminum cans

Different Volume: Small packs for 0.25g, 1g, 3g, 10g, 30g, 75g,100g…

                Large pack: 500grams, 1kg, 5kgs….

Minimum order quantity (MOQ) requirement is flexible at a reasonable price!

Factory Direct OEM Service

With 10+ years of manufacturing and exporting experience in China, WBG offers the most competitive price and flexible OEM/ODM services to fulfill your needs!

Contact us with a enquiry and see what we can offer you.

Some items with free shipping!!


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